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Exclusive and Personalized Aviation Services 

Professional aviation services delivered by a highly experienced faculty in state of the art aircraft, facilities and location. Long term client relationships for those seeking a  personalized experience at the highest industry standards.

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“Proficiency-Based Flying”

Flight Competency and Confidence with Proficiency as the Focus.

About us


Pilots and Flight Instructors holding and maintaining the highest FAA certifications  and Industry  accreditations.

Accreditation & Certifications 

- Commercial & ATP.

- Single-Engine, Multi-Engine & Instrument Instructors.

- Fixed-Wing Land and Sea Aircraft Categories.

- Master and Gold-Seal Instructor Designations.

- Cirrus CSIP, Platinum Designation.

Flying is our passion,

so we made it 

our profession.

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NOVA Aviation is a client-centric professional services organization in the mid-tier segment of the general aviation market that offers CFR part 91 aircraft management, CFR part 61 training, and general aviation consulting services. We offer exclusive, highly customized, and personalized programs and services for discerning clients, pilots and non-pilots, aircraft owners and renters. Our services are delivered using the most advanced programs and systems which are constantly updated to include the newest information, materials, and tools.

Safety is the foundational platform for all activities and services at NOVA Aviation. We hold ourselves and our clients to standards well above the industry's minimum requirements. We are uncompromising in our efforts to maintain a safe and effective environment in which our pilots and aircraft owners can progress. Our business was conceived with an emphasis on professionalism and structure which is apparent throughout our daily operations.  

Value delivery is at the heart of our business. We are unrelenting in our aspiration to elevate our clients to the highest levels of proficiency and confidence. Our programs and services are designed and developed to meet these standards. Our reputation is cultivated through building strong and lasting relationships with clients and delivering value in all we do.

Aviation is our passion. Under a strong set of core values, we are constantly seeking to improve on industry standards. Our goals are firmly supported by our commitment to unparalleled safety, professionalism, and client relations. At NOVA, we are committed to delivering services of the highest quality to our clients.

Our Philosophy - At NOVA Aviation, we believe flight should be conducted at the highest levels of safety, preparation, and competence, supported by high proficiency and recency in pilot readiness in aircraft with outstanding maintenance.  All of our programs and services are designed to support and achieve this outcome.

Our Vision and Mission - To become a trusted advisor and the preferred service provider to pilots and aircraft owners in our realm.Our mission is simply to deliver service of the highest standards and quality to discerning pilots and aircraft owners.




Personalized end-to-end aircraft management services including; acquisition, crewing, storage, detailing, concierge, repositioning, maintenance, records, compliance, performance monitoring and analysis, upgrades and installations, marketing, leasebacks, utilization, sale prep and more provided by highly experienced professionals with top-tier references at world-class facilities that offer the ultimate in privacy and security.

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Proficiency-based, customized flight training programs including; Private Pilot, Instrument Ratings, Commercial Pilot, Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks, Airframe/Power-Plant, High-Performance and Avionics Transitions and Endorsements. Individualized to meet your specific requirements and goals delivered by highly experienced professional instructors who hold the highest FAA certifications and industry accreditation and are direct factory trained. Exclusive center of excellence facilities with powerful state-of-the-art learning tools.



Our team offers a broad range of aviation services expertise to meet the needs of our clients. Confidential and complete guidance, trusted advice and representation on a diverse spectrum of pilot and aircraft ownership issues such as legal, medical, financial, regulatory, professional, academic, placement and more. We work together with our clients from beginners through experienced pilots to collaboratively achieve their goals.


Additional Services  

Single or Crew Pilot Service - When an aircraft needs ferrying, re-positioning, pre-buy flight test, we provide appropriately FAA certified, factory and insurance company approved, current staff to operate aircraft.

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Central and fast access to the metro area.

1 Airport Road, Suite 205

Morristown, NJ 07960


We would be happy to advise you personally.

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